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Angel Aussies

We are a small family program in the Stanwood-Camano area that focuses ethical and selective breeding to produce genetically clear and healthy puppies. We will always prioritize quality over quantity with our Aussies.


Ivy's Thanksgiving litter is here!


Have questions about our Australian Shepherds?


Are your Aussies papered? If so, can I paper my puppy? 

Yes, all of our Aussies are papered as standard AKC Australian Shepherds.  Yes, you can paper them. Breeding rights, however, must be explicitly agreed upon with us prior to take-home and may come at additional cost.

Can we meet and choose a puppy, or visit our puppy we have already reserved?

Yes and yes! You must contact us first to set up an appropriate day and time, but we are happy to accommodate local adopters who would like to get a sense of the puppies' disposition before selecting one. 

How big do standard-size Aussies get when full grown? 

Standard males grow to be about 20-23'' tall to top  of the shoulder, while females are around 18-21''. Males typically weigh 50-65 lbs and females are usually 40-55 lbs.

Meet our glamorous
Aussie girls

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